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29 May, 2013


Filed under: prepositions after adjectives — csa1 @ 7:52

Absent from

accustomed to

afraid of

ahead of

amazed at

angry about (something)

angry with (someone)

aware of

bad at

bad for

bound for

busy with

capable of

certain about

certain of

clever at

close to

concerned with

conscious of

contrary to

convenient for

crazy about

delighted with

dependent on

different from

disappointed with

disgusted with

disgusted with

due to

eager for

familiar with

famous for

fond of

full of

good at

good for

happy about

hopeless at

inferior to

interested in

jealous of

keen on

late for

mad about

married to

pleased with

prejudiced against

prepared for

proud of

qualified for

ready for

responsible for

safe from

satisfied with

separate from

sick of

sorry about

sure about

sure of

surprised at

tired of

worried about

wrong about


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