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20 August, 2016

The history of the Olympic Games

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How well do you know the Olympic Games and their history ?



  1.  What award did the winners in ancient Greece receive ?
  2. What athletic event was created for the first modern Games as a tribute to ancient Greece ?


3. Who revived the games?

4. Where and when were the first Olympic Games of modern times held ?

5. How many countries participated in these games: 14, 50 ou 80 ?

6. In which year were women first officially  allowed to compete ?

7. How many countries participated in the 2012 Olympic Games in London : 150, 204 or 500 ?


8. When were the first  Winter Olympic Games held ?

9. How often are the Summer Olympic Games held ? What is this length of time called ?

10. When were the first Paralympic Games held ?


11. What colour are the Olympic rings ?

12. Why were these colours selected ?

13. What is the motto of the Olympic Games ?


14. Where and when is the torch lit before being transported to the city hosting the  Games ?

15. In what year was the first modern-day Olympic torch relay held ?

16.How is the Olympic truce signified in our time ?

17. In what order do the delegations of athletes appear during the opening ceremony parade ?


  1. An olive wreath (A crown of leaves)
  2. The marathon
  3. Baron Pierre de Coubertin
  4. In Athens in 1896
  5. 14
  6. In 1900
  7. 204
  8. in Chamonix, in 1924
  9. Every four years; An Olympiad.
  10. in 1960, in Rome
  11. blue, yellow,red, black and green.
  12. Each country will find a colour of its national flag among the Olympic ring colours.
  13. Citius Altius Fortius :  ”Faster, higher, stronger”
  14. Olympus in Greece, several months before the Games.
  15. in 1936, for the Berlin Olympics.
  16. The UN approves a recommendation from the IOC calling for a cessation of hostilities around the world during the Games.
  17. Alphabetical order, although Greece enters first and the host country last.



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