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18 October, 2016

Problématiques pour les 4 notions

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Comment construire une problématique pour  une notion?


Examples of central questions:

Myths and heroes

Can the word “heroes” be defined in different ways?

How is a nation shaped by its myths and heroes?

How does the Myth of the cowboy generate social cohesion and makes part of the American dream?

What has changed in the process of making a hero or creating a myth?

Is Mrs Thatcher a myth of an anti-hero?

Idea of progress

To what extent can India illustrate the Idea of progress ?

How does a law insuring social progress lead to outburst of violence and organized crime?

Does the British monarchy fit in the modern world and promote its cultural identity?

Are paralympic achievements a personal or a national pride?

Places and forms of power

How do big cities and suburbs participate in the building of the image of a country ?

How are the white house and 10 Downing Street places of power or emblems of power?

Are means of communication an expression of power or counter power?

What are the values of those who have power?

Is art a form of counter power?

What forms can counterpower take?

Spaces and Exchanges

Is crossing borders an act of transgression? 

Thanksgiving et les Pères Pèlerins (Pilgrim Fathers)

-Le rêve américain et Arnold Schwarzenegger

-la figure mythique du cowboy revisitée dans Django Unchained


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