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4 September, 2016

Adjectives to describe situations

Filed under: Adjectives to describe situations — csa1 @ 12:18

1. Adjectives expressing favorable situations or places

normal, logical, realistic

wonderful, fantastic, marvelous

gorgeous, super, incredible, unbelievable (both situations)

surprising, amazing, astonishing (both situations)

for places :  nice, pleasant, smashing…

for activities : interesting, exciting, pleasant, great fun…


2. Adjectives expressing unfavorable situations

difficult, funny, strange, peculiar, odd, weird, arguable

wrong, improbable

unfair, dishonest, false, hypocritical

awful, horrible, terrible, annoying, ridiculous, preposterous (absurde), provoking

for activities : boring, tiring, exhausting, dangerous, harmful


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