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25 August, 2016

How to deliver a great talk

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  1. You must start a story in the first 30 seconds to grab your audience’s attention. Stories take them on a mental journey.
  2. Share a personal story. The surprising element that makes a story irresistible is conflict. The stronger the conflict, the more captivating your story will be. Does the conflict arouse your audience’s emotions? Does it keep it curious? Does it ask: ‘What will happen next?’
  3. Bring your characters to life: provide details, give sensory information that allows them to create a mental image of your characters. Always follow the principle of showing instead of telling.
  4. Create mental motion pictures for your audience. (VAKOG) Visual :  what can you see? Auditory :  …hear? Kinesthetic: … feel – either physically or emotionally? Olfactory : What could you smell? Gustatory: …taste? (Keep your descriptions short.)
  5. Always provide specific details about your characters, scenes and dates.
  6. Positive message stories are inspiring. Leave your audience on an emotional high. Use dialogue, not narration.
  7. Your story must contain THE SPARK that allowed your character to overcome the conflict. Show the change in your character. Leave your audience with the key takeaway message.
  8.  Here’s the structure of a great story : CHARACTER -)   CONFLICT  -) SPARK   -) CHANGE IN CHARACTER  -)   TAKEAWAY MESSAGE
  9. Make your takeaway message short so that your audience can remember and repeat it.

From Ted Talks Storytelling written by Akash Karia, 2015

Start with a story:


Use a surprising element or a strong conflict:


Bring your character to life:


Create a mental motion picture (using the five senses):


Give specific details, which adds credibility to your story :



An example of positive-message stories : if you watch the film, The Pursuit of happyness, based on a true story, Will Smith plays the role of Chris Gardner. He has invested most of his money on a device called a bone density scanner. However, he is unable to sell the devices and ends up losing his house and his wife. He is forced to live on the streets with his son.

The conflict is : Will they survive or perish? Will Chris be able to take care of his son or will he lose his son too? How will they overcome the difficulty?

Through determination, efforts, hard work and persistence, we can overcome the most difficult challenges.

The end of that story leave the audience on an emotional high.

Positive-message stories are inspiring and allow you to share a motivational message to your audience.

Another positive message story : Choreographer Gillian Lynne’s childhood story.


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