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6 September, 2015

Storm Erika

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Storm sounds :


Storm Erika in Dominica


The aftermath of Erika



to bring rain and flash flooding in some areas

Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, has been tweeting about the storm and recovery efforts on the island. On Thursday, he said the island’s residents “are living the effects of climate change” and that “years ago, flooding in Dominica was something unheard of.”

The weather forecast for tomorrow

rain               pluie                       |              storm                        orage

    raindrop        goutte de pluie      |                 thunder                     tonnerre

    shower          averse                     |                 clap of thunder        coup de tonnerre

    drizzle            crachin                    |                 flash of lightning    éclair

    flood               inondation              |                 rainstorm                 pluie torrentielle

    puddle            flaque                      |                 windstorm               tempête

    pour down     pleuvoir à verse    |                 sandstorm               tempête de sable

                                   wind                          vent                            |          hail                 grêle

                                      gust of wind             rafale (bourrasque)  |             hailstone       grêlon

                                      breeze                       brise                            |             freeze             geler

                                      tornado                     tornade                       |             frost                gel

                                      hurricane                   ouragan                     |             chilly                frais, froid

hoarfrost        givre

      snow     neige                          fog     brouillard                               dry   sec

       snowflake : flocon de neige           smog : mélange brouillard fumée       drought :  sécheresse


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